Tue, 20 April 2021

Product range extension: electrical and USB power sockets

Essential: this is the most suitable adjective to describe the electrical socket. From the first one invented in America by Hubbel in 1904 to the German-made Schuko dated 1926, the socket has come down to us as the silent player in our electrical systems.

Ekinex has given them a new lease of life with a colourful edition that matches keyboards and touch panels.

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Many combinations and versions

The need to connect to the electricity network has increased in recent years; the list of devices that require a power supply is virtually endless.

Ekinex electrical sockets come to your rescue with an extensive range for the Italian and international markets. Ekinex electric sockets are also equipped with USB type A and C ports and can be used to recharge all electronic devices in homes and offices.

The many colours are in perfect family feeling with the FF, 71 and 20VENTI series and can be combined with Fenix NTM, metal and plastic finishes.

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