Fri, 3 September 2021

An exclusive experience for a Small Luxury Hotel

Context of Application

Since 2018 the Canaves Epitome Hotel offers a new type of luxury on the isle of Santorini, in Greece.

Perched above the picturesque fishing town of Ammoudi, the property takes inspiration from the traditional Cyclades architecture by combining natural and earthy materials to modern styles and designs.

The hotel offers an infinity-edge pool, a restaurant to have breakfast, a lounge-bar overlooking the sunset, a sun terrace and private poolside cabins.

The suites and the mansions are designed elegantly and they include a private pool or a plunge pool, a sea view and the beach access within walking distance.

Clients’ Demands

In 2021 the hotel decided to improve the interiors of its suites and mansions to raise considerably the exclusivity and the luxury of the experience.

Canaves Oia chose to rely on Ekinex for the panel and the wall-mounted devices for the climate control and the lighting of the rooms.

Ekinex Solutions

The 20VENTI series buttons in Surface version with Fenix malè white and cacao orinoco finishes have been chosen as aesthetic solution.

The backlighting with proximity sensor allows the guests to recognise the symbols engraved on the buttons even in the dark: when they approach the buttons, these ones light up, instead when they move away, they switch off so as not to disturb at night.

Lighting and climate control are possible thanks to the Ekinex panel devices in the suites and mansions:

EK-FB1-TP: 8-channel binary output for command and control of utilities

EK-FF1-TP: 16-channel binary output and 8-channel actuator for shading devices

EK-FE1-TP: 8-channel binary output and 4-channel actuator

EK-BG1-TP: DALI-KNX gateway for the communication of DALI luminaires with the KNX protocol

EK-GF1-TP: 0-10 V 4-channel dimmer for dimming the light intensity of luminaires with 0-10 Volt control input

EK-GA1-TP: universal 2-channel dimmer

EK-BC1-TP: IP router for connecting the KNX system to a LAB network

EK-AG1-TP: KNX bus power supply with 30 Vdc auxiliary output

Canaves Oia and El.Ev.En

The Canaves Oia brand was created in 1985 when the Chaidemenos family was among the first to introduce tourism to the fishing village of Oia in Santorini, bringing the minimalist concept of the all-white hotel. Today the property includes a boutique hotel, some suites, some mansions and the Canaves Oia Epitome. (

The El.Ev.En company (Electrical Evolution Engineering) is a technical company that has been active and specialised in the design and construction of electrical systems since 1971 and, in this project, it was responsible for the design and the installation of the Ekinex solutions. (

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