Mon, 3 October 2016

Comfort and Energy Efficiency

A mansion located on Lago Maggiore where the customer indicated two major prerequisites: Comfort and Energy Efficiency. Alternative energy sources have been used, such as photovoltaic and thermal solar panels, a radiant floor heating system, a dehumidification and cooling fan-coil system; there is no fuel gas, since a heat pump machine directly supplies all thermal plants.

Customer requests

The customer needed a solution handling all the devices installed in all his apartments through one single system. The proposed automation system, where all devices are directly connected and integrated, includes lighting and blind control, a climate control in order to enjoy a comfortable temperature every minute of the day, a mechanic ventilation control (VMC) and integration of an anti-intrusion system as well as technical alarms such as water leaks and circuit breakers in electric panels. A special attention was given by the customer to the aesthetics side, in order to accord the environment and the home automation devices. In order to meet these requirements, both the system designer and the customer agreed to choose KNX international system for home & building automation, as this solution allows to achieve a full interoperability among all devices, full system scalability and a very low time obsolescence.

Ekinex solutions

ekinex® products have been chosen both for their aesthetic and technic performances. Its catalogue features many devices, allowing to create a fully integrated automation system. The pushbutton controls are carried out by a successful product, appreciated by customers for both its functions and aesthetics: EK-ED2-TP. This FF Series ekinex® pushbutton is a KNX devices meant for on/off commands, dimmering, motorized actuators’ control and other programmable command and control functions; it also integrates a temperature sensor and the possibility to be used as thermostat. In each environment, heating and cooling are controlled by a room thermostat EK-EQ2-TP, which regulates heat exchange in elements such as radiators, air convectors, radiant floor and ceiling panels, etc. The device is equipped with a backlighted LCD, temperature and brightness sensors, and two freely programmable inputs (which can be connected, for instance, to window contacts or auxiliary temperature sensors). It is also fitted with a relative humidity sensor and auxiliary functions that use the sensor’s measured value. In order to group the zones for temperature control and scenes, a EK-EF2-TP Touch&See unit was used. This device can also act as a room thermostat for 4 independent zones by means of the values measured by the integrated temperature sensor and KNX temperature sensors; it is also possible to command and control actuators and to easily display information coming from actuators and sensors. For fan-coil control, a EK-HB1-TP device was selected: this is an actuator/controller for 2-pipe applications and a 0-10V brushless motor. The device can be configured as actuator to control a fan unit and 2 ON/OFF intercept valves installed on the heat exchange coils, in combination with a room thermostat. Lighting, socket and blind control is carried out by a EK-FF1-TP module: a KNX modular device, panel-mounting, which can command single or grouped electric appliance as well as motorized actuators.

Scene management

Another important part of the application is scene management. Some scenes are conceived to offer the maximum level of comfort in all kinds of situations: a movie night, a dinner with friends, or morning wakeup. Others, to guarantee the customer’s maximum security: for instance, if you hear suspicious noises at night, with a single button you can switch on external lights, activate a video camera and lower the blinds, in case you forgot to do it the day before. Virtually there is no limit to the possible applications, thanks to the scenes.

Giuseppe Calcagno - R&D ekinex

Industrial Expert and KNX tutor, has also a passion for singing and acoustic guitars. During his working experience, he has dealt with situations and problems regarding the integration of automation systems. In the focus he talks about an integration between climate and Knx.

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