Tue, 23 March 2021

Smart Villa Style

The Application Framework

A charming boutique villa located in Cronulla, Sydney where the customer enjoys a balanced lifestyle of a peaceful leafy setting with a fun and trendy beach side living.  The villa underwent a renovation with the aim of modernising the home, complete with an integrated Ekinex solution.

Customer Requests

The owners are a young couple who decided to equip their home with an Ekinex home automation system to provide a safe and comfortable space in an elegant and modern design. With a consideration towards the possible change in their needs, their home automation system needed the flexibility to incorporate additional functions in the near future to convert their guest room to a children’s room.

Ekinex Solutions

Through Ekinex solutions, the owners manage the lighting system and control the opening and closing of the blackout curtains.

Lighting control – Dali lighting control with 16 fold binary for on/off outputs. Product code: EK-BG1-TP with Dali gateway – EK-FF1-TP 16-fold binary output / 8-fold blind actuator.

Blind control – Blind control driven by 16-fold binary output / 8-fold blind actuator. Product code: EK-FF1-TP.

Switching20venti surface 4 and 8 fold. With backlit text/symbols and proximity sensor. For the finishes of the wall-mounted products, Ekinex buttons from the 20Venti line were chosen in white malè Fenix NTM. Product code: EK-E20-TP-4TS-P and EK-E20-TP-8T-P.

Delego – Delego 8 inch touch panel – Controlling lighting, blinds, doors, underfloor heating and A/C. Product Code: EK-DEL-8PAN 8” with Delego server – EK-DEL-SRV-BAS-TP.

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